Hi, I’m Lee Roesner,
Creator of MoneySlinger

I’ve got a system so fast and easy,
that I can even afford the time to manage
your money for you…

For Free.

Could Your Money Management
Get Any Faster or Easier Than That?

No, it can’t.

No, I’m not crazy.

No, this is not a scam.

Because no, I won’t be managing your
money ~ for free or otherwise.

I wanted you to experience,
~ for just a moment ~
the level of fast-and-easy
I’m about to teach you.

Am I over promising?


First, Why Trust Me?

I have a successful Graphic Design business
I’ve run for some 19 years in northern Illinois just
outside Chicago. Here’s my Linkedin profile.
Take note of the recommendations.

You see, I’m a “lazy perfectionist” ~ and a
creative, which makes me a bit of an inventor,
and like you, my TIME is precious
not to mention my MONEY.

My problem is I’m interested in far
too many things, and like you I only have
a finite about of time.

Back in 1985 ~ being the lazy
perfectionist I am ~ I looked to automate
my mundane money management process
in an effort to do as little as I
absolutely had to.

I was shooting for
fast-and-easy ~ and perfect.

The problem was I couldn’t.

Because I found out you can’t.


You Can’t Automate
What’s Not the Same

Yes, this small bit of invisible
wisdom above became apparent
to me during my efforts.

Yes, each day held a
different set of variables, as did
each week, as did each month.

Days in a month fluctuated and weeks
were not evenly divisible into months.

Not only did incoming and outgoing
figures randomly change, but my income
dates floated randomly before and after
monthly due dates all year long.

Realizing too that one set of financial
variables in one part of my life (A), was
dependent and teetered on the outcome
of another set of financial variables
on another other side (B).

So, to make a decision on A
I first need to know B, but that
depends on C ~ my available income
at that moment in time, and of course D
~ how far off the next payday might be.

I then realized how something
so mundane and seemingly simple
could be so complicated, time
consuming and overwhelming.

Let Me Sum Up the Problem

I had the burdensome task of
following all my MONEY, in all its detail,
in its natural state of disorder…

Over TIME, with its own
detail and its own, unique
natural state of disorder…

Requiring me to continuously track
each and every variable within
these two, independent states of disorder…

In the hope that I could synchronize
them for a moment in TIME,
in an effort to create some temporary
level of order within this disorder…

Which would shortly dissolve
again over TIME into disorder.

All the while, requiring me to
maintain a level of mathematical detail
for each financial variable, equaling
one one-hundreth of a single dollar.

Which is to say “to the penny”.

Or the whole damn thing
begins to fall apart because A is
connected to B, which is
connected to C…

Do I have that about right?

This Is Traditional
Money Management

And like the laws of physics that
are impossible to break, you
can only go so fast on a curvy road.

It takes constant mental agility and
continuous decision making at every turn,
only to be surprised by another turn.

Sure, you may gain incremental change
by a technology tweak, but nowhere near the
speed gain and ease of driving you could achieve,
if you could simply straighten the road.

Because if you can straighten road
~ were everything is the same ~
then and only then, will you have an
opportunity to reach for the cruise control.

Then and only then, can you reach
your destination in a fraction of the time
while sitting back, in ease with
two mental fingers on the wheel.

Yea, we’re talking that
kind of fast-and-easy.

This is not achievable with
traditional money management
because it’s not the goal of
traditional money management.

Breaking Rule # 1

What’s the first mistaken assumption of
traditional money management?

“You can’t straighten the road.”

And so ALL tools built for traditional
money management ~ regardless of
technology, are all built for curvy roads.

So it doesn’t matter all that
much which one you use.

You’re still beholden to the disorder,
and the time and effort needed to
temporarily fabricate some order out of it.

Discovering the New Road

And so back in 1985, I had to overcome
this problem of disorder so I could
automate the task of money management.

But truth be told, even though I succeeded,
I had no idea what I had actually
accomplished until some 15 years later.


Because in hindsight, our money
management efforts reached a state of
cruise control, which is to say it went
nearly invisible in our lives, all
while we enjoyed a FICO score
that hovered around 820.

Yes, it reached that level of
that of fast-and-easy
~ and perfect.

And so with mission accomplished,
our lives went on ~ unknowingly
and without announcement.

(If you haven’t noticed, I’m not bragging
about all the great stuff you get to do,
~ but how little you do.)

But still, despite this success and still without
a clue, I dumped this “little thing” we did for
15 years for a “real” money management program.

After all, we were older now and far
more sophisticated. We had a nice computer
too and thought we should step-it-up and be
more “professional” about our finances.

Like everybody else is doing.



When Two Worlds Clashed

This is when my world, and
the traditional world of
money management sat
together in total contradiction
~ and then it all came back to me.

I sat in disbelief and asked
myself how can this be?

How could this simple little financial
exercise we’ve been doing twice a month
for the past 15 years, compete with
this massive professional software
program designed by professionals?

It’s impossible.

In retrospect, I thought maybe
I’m not doing something
I should be doing?

But then, there’s 15 years of
success behind us, and a credit record
so perfect that it was literally unbelievable,
and why one bank manager actually ran
a credit check twice because she
thought the first one was in error.

Yea, it happened.

We just laughed it off
because we got that a lot.

It was a running joke with us
(hence The B Word cover).

Then the bank manager asked how we do it
and we ended up giving her our spreadsheet
and instructions we had created at the
time for people who asked.

Then Came the Ultimate Realization

Even if I spent the unbearable man hours
required each week to maintain this traditional
money management system, it could NEVER
provide for us the profound insight and
control we currently had over our finances.

And so…
there was only one thing to do.

It was time to take very seriously what
I had only been playing with all these years.

This required me to reverse engineer
what I had created some 15 years ago
to find out “how” and “why” this
little exercise worked so well.

MoneySlinger is the refined
version of this very technique today,
and what you’re about to learn how to do.


How Fast-and-Easy is

 You (along with your spouse)
can easily manage your money together
~ perfectly, by simply managing:

using a
that only require your
time and effort
taking perhaps
30-60 minutes
of your time.


Yea, I get that a lot.

Actually, there’s even more to
brag about but you’ll get there
when you get there.


What is MoneySlinger?

MoneySlinger is an extremely secure,
online subscription based program.

MoneySlinger DOES NOT require any
outside connections to your bank
or to anything else for that matter and
IS NOT an automatic bill paying service.

MoneySlinger IS NOT a glorified
checkbook reconciler, but will have a tremendous
effect on organizing your accounts.

MoneySlinger IS a cashflow system and
it’s unlikely you’ll even know what that means
without first learning what it means.

It provides for you the tools to
manipulate the flow of money that
moves in and out of your life, to fend
off disorder before it even reaches you
~ straightening the road ahead.


There’s Nothing Else Like It

This is because traditional money management systems
are not built on this elementary mathematical principle
that’s used everyday in complex data environments
that make simple ~ what’s very complex.

In order to put yourself on that straight road
ahead, and to achieve the profound control with
minimal effort mentioned just above, it will first
require critical thinking on your part to unlearn
what you’re currently thinking and doing
~ that’s making you a slave to disorder.

This will become self evident in the
illustrated, step-by-step lessons that follow.

Only then can you fully experience your
ESCAPE from the burden of struggling with
disorder, having MASTERED both
your TIME and your MONEY.

Are you ready?

Here we go….


~  L E V E  L  1  ~

Finding the Forest in the Trees

An Important Word on Online Security

I am personally more concerned about online security than most, and realize many are concerned about putting some of their financial information online. The downside of not being online is losing the ability for multiple people to have access to the very same updated information from any computer and from any location.

What makes MoneySlinger by far one of the most secure – if not THE most secure online application?

1. MoneySlinger does not require a connection to your bank accounts, so your bank information, passwords and other financial data is not being shared whatsoever with your MoneySlinger account.

2. Your identity and credit card information is kept physically separate from your MoneySlinger account. Your annual MoneySlinger subscription information is securely completed through PayPal.

3. Your MoneySlinger data is kept on an entirely different server at an entirely different location, and so has nothing to do with PayPal. The link between the two is done simply with an anonymous digit.

4. The data in your MoneySlinger account is also 128bit encrypted, meaning even if someone got access to the server, the data is garbled and useless.

5. And even if your MoneySlinger data was somehow unencrypted, the only personal information in the data would be your first names you might use to identify different income streams. In summary, the data anyone might find is not linked to anyone or anything in particular.

MoneySlinger is an extremely secure, stand-alone online application

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