Everything Comes Down to Time and Money

There’s only so much of each
and when you’ve run out of both

…it’s time for MoneySlinger

And when you’ve tried
every way you think you can
to chase your financial life down
– only to realize
you’re running in place

…it’s time for MoneySlinger

 It’s time for MoneySlinger
…because nobody is doing the math
that MoneySlinger is doing

It’s time for MoneySlinger when
you stop running…just for a moment
and begin to seriously question how
something so mundane and seemingly
simple could be so complicated,
time consuming and even overwhelming

 Change the Rules and Change Your Life


If you don’t change the rules
you’re destined to become the
money management juggler,
where constant skill, time, mental effort
and mathematical agility are
required to hold your financial
life in even fairly good working order

Yes, this is considered a solution

Change the rules and you can become the
plate spinner instead, where only
occasionally is your attention required
to look up to give your financial plate a light tap,
allowing you to go back to your valuable life
with complete financial insight and control

Just How Fast, Accurate and Easy
Can Money Management Be?

Well, you now have more time on your
hands than you’ve ever had
and you’re not a slave to other’s schedules,
and can see further ahead then you ever
could before – all while enjoying the fact that your
money management task is nearly invisible


Now you feel empowered


Hi, I’m Lee Roesner,
Creator of MoneySlinger

It’s high time to take down the big, scary
money management boogie man and the big,
scary money managemet tools that go with him

If I told you that you could meticulously control
your money by managing only 4 figures
with one calculation, twice a month

…would you believe me?

Of course not,
because you can’t do it
doing what you’re doing now.

And if I told you that you could
outperform even the most elaborate
desktop or phone apps — without even
using my software — but with just a
few sheets of paper and a pencil

…would you believe me?

Of course not,
because you can’t do it
doing what you’re doing now.

The Fact Is, All You’ve Been Doing
To This Point Is Bean Counting

The fact is, despite all the hi-tech eye candy,
it’s still traditional money management which is little
more than an elaborate checkbook balancing exercise

But before you step off your current
money management hamster wheel,
(if you haven’t fallen off already),
you should make sure you
don’t get right back on another one

…yet again

To repeatedly do so is
exhausting and defeating

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 9.44.13 AM


You’re Invited to a Free,
No Obligation Online Introduction

Before you even consider
switching hamster wheels again, how about
I share my screen with you and I’ll
show you firsthand how you can
Change the Rules of Money Management
and untie that money management
knot once and for all?

In our online meeting I’ll show you
how to whittle down your
money management tasks to
“4 Figures”
and a
“Single Calculation”
that only require your time and effort

Oh…and this effort is so repetitious,
you could nearly do it on your sleep


Check out the testimonials
from those who already took the
time to figure it out

What’s the general experience?

The feeling of being “free” and “empowered”

And moreso with a spouse
because the fog is gone and you
both can easily see what is now obvious

So, when you’re really fed up,
and in a mind set to break away and
move beyond glorified bean counting,
feel free to email me with questions
or to set up a time to review MoneySlinger

I want to hear your questions
as well as your “…oh my!”

No sales pitch…just a bit of fun
sharing what few have figured out



You got this far…looking for a Free Trial?

An Important Word on Online Security

MoneySlinger is an online application. I am personally more concerned about online security than most, and realize many are concerned about putting some of their financial information online. The downside of not being online is losing the ability for multiple people to have access to the very same updated information from any computer and from any location.

What makes MoneySlinger by far one of the most secure – if not THE most secure online application?

1. MoneySlinger does not require a connection to your bank accounts, so your bank information, passwords and other financial data is not being shared whatsoever with your MoneySlinger account.

2. Your identity and credit card information is kept physically separate from your MoneySlinger account. Your annual MoneySlinger subscription information is securely completed through PayPal.

3. Your MoneySlinger data has nothing to do with PayPal and is kept on an entirely different server at an entirely different location, and the link between the two is done simply with an anonymous digit.

4. The data in your MoneySlinger account is also 128bit encrypted, meaning even if someone got access to the server, the data is garbled and useless.

5. And even if your MoneySlinger data was somehow unencrypted, the only personal information in the data would be your first names you might use to identify different income streams. In summary, the data anyone might find is not linked to anyone in particular.

MoneySlinger is an extremely secure, stand-alone online application

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