What is MoneySlinger?

MoneySlinger is an extremely
secure, one-of-a-kind, subscription
based personal cashflow system.

It’s unlikely you’ll even know what this
means, without first learning what it means here.

One thing for sure: MoneySlinger is not
your traditional money management
program or a glorified checkbook reconciler.

So you may not find what you want,
but if you take the time to learn,
you’ll discover what you need.

MoneySlinger DOES NOT require any
outside connections to your bank accounts
or to anything else for that matter and
IS NOT an automatic bill paying service.

What Can MoneySlinger
Do For You?

 MoneySlinger will allow you to reach the
most profound level of financial control
and oversight you have ever experienced,
~ that’s not possible by traditional
money management means.

But more than that, MoneySlinger
will allow you to reach this pinnacle
of control and insight by simply managing:

using a
that only requires your
time and effort
that can take as
little as 30 minutes
of your time.

The same 4 FIGURES.


The same TIME each month.


Boringly Fast and Efficient

Hard to believe?

You don’t have to believe anything.

Because what you’re about to
learn here, is the mathematical science
behind this one-and-only solution.

You’ll learn, as others have, how to
ESCAPE the burden of struggling
with random financial disorder.

The very same financial disorder
you’ve just assumed is inevitable
and you’ve come to accept.

You’ll instead, learn how to MASTER
both your TIME and your MONEY with
what seems like the snap of your fingers.

Are you ready?

Here we go….


~  L E V E  L  1  ~

Finding the Forest in the Trees

An Important Word on Online Security

I am personally more concerned about online security than most, and realize many are concerned about putting some of their financial information online. The downside of not being online is losing the ability for multiple people to have access to the very same updated information from any computer and from any location.

What makes MoneySlinger by far one of the most secure – if not THE most secure online application?

1. MoneySlinger does not require a connection to your bank accounts, so your bank information, passwords and other financial data is not being shared whatsoever with your MoneySlinger account.

2. Your identity and credit card information is kept physically separate from your MoneySlinger account. Your annual MoneySlinger subscription information is securely completed through PayPal.

3. Your MoneySlinger data is kept on an entirely different server at an entirely different location, and so has nothing to do with PayPal. The link between the two is done simply with an anonymous digit.

4. The data in your MoneySlinger account is also 128bit encrypted, meaning even if someone got access to the server, the data is garbled and useless.

5. And even if your MoneySlinger data was somehow unencrypted, the only personal information in the data would be your first names you might use to identify different income streams. In summary, the data anyone might find is not linked to anyone or anything in particular.

MoneySlinger is an extremely secure, stand-alone online application

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