The Backstory


Hi, I’m Lee Roesner,
Creator of MoneySlinger

First, why trust me?

I have a successful Graphic Design business
I’ve run for some 19 years in northern Illinois just
outside Chicago. Here’s my Linkedin profile.
Take note of the recommendations.

You see, I’m a “lazy perfectionist” ~ and a
creative, and like you, my TIME is precious
not to mention my MONEY.

Which makes me a bit of an
inventor by necessity.

My problem is I’m interested in far
too many things, and like you, I only have
a finite about of time.

Way back in 1985 ~ being the lazy
perfectionist I am ~ I looked to “automate”
the mundane process of money management,
to rid myself of this detailed,
boring and time consuming task
for the rest of my life.

I was hoping for
fast-and-easy ~ and perfect.

The problem was, after trying
many different methods – I couldn’t.

Because I found out – you can’t.


Because You Can’t Automate
What’s Not the Same

This small bit of invisible
wisdom became very apparent.

I realized each day held a
different set of variables, as did
each week, as did each month.

Days in a month fluctuated, as
did weeks in each month, month to month.

Not only did incoming and outgoing
figures change each month, but the dates I received
income, floated randomly through each month,
while my expenses stood firm on their
monthly due dates all year long.

On top of that, I realized that one set of
financial variables over here (A), was
dependent and teetered on the outcome
of another set of financial variables
over here (B).

So, to make a decision regarding A
I first need to know B, and realized yet again,
that may depend on C…

And on and on and on.

I eventually realized how something
so mundane, and seemingly simple,
could be so complicated, time
consuming…and yes…overwhelming.

Let Me Sum It Up

I realized then I had the burdensome
task of tracking all my MONEY,
by “chasing” its natural state of incoming
and outgoing disorder, in all
its detail, continuously and to the penny…

Over TIME, that has its own unique
natural state of random order and detail…

In an attempt to grasp some control
of each variable for a moment,
knowing it would dissolve into
disorder again shortly after my efforts…

In which some time later I would be required
to start the whole process over again.

And repeat this process for the rest of my life.

This Is Traditional
Money Management

Even now.

And it’s a LOT of work, and this
was as good as it’s going to get.

Realizing now I would not reach my of goal
of automation using traditional money
management practices, because it’s not the
goal of traditional money management
to solve this “problem”.

I then set out to solve this
problem – and I did.

Truth be told I had no idea what I had
accomplished for another 15 years.

In hindsight now, I realized then our
money management efforts went nearly
invisible and we enjoyed a FICO score
that hovered around 820.

Using 4 master figures,
1 master calculation,
and only twice a month.

Yes, it reached that level of fast-and-easy
~ and perfect.

We’re talking a few minutes a month
(with no computer).

And our lives just went on.

No big fanfare…no name for it…no nothing.

When Two Worlds Clashed

15 years later, still without a clue and
despite our success, there came a time to
dump this “little thing we did” for a
“professional” money management
software program.

After a few hours of set up,
all this nonsense came back to me.

This was the same exact thing
I was told to do some 15 years ago,
only now it’s on a computer!

It was still going to be laborious,
time consuming and get us nowhere near
the level of control and oversight we were at.

It was unbelievable actually and asked
myself how can this be?

Then Came the Realization

Even if I spent the unbearable man hours
required each month to “maintain” this traditional
money management system to perfection,
it could NEVER provide for us
the profound insight and control
we currently had over our finances.

But why? How?

At the time, I honestly wasn’t sure,
and so there was only one thing to do.

It was time to take very seriously what
I had only been doing all these years.

This required me to reverse engineer
what I had found some 15 years ago
to find out “how” and “why” this
little exercise worked so well.

We did, and over the years were asked
by many how we did what we did. At first we
passed out simple spreadsheets and instructions.

Shortly after I created its first incarnation
as a computer application called The B Word.

Today, MoneySlinger is the refined
version of this very technique today.


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